Last updated: July 31, 2021

This Page describes about FavRoute team and Services.

FavRoute, was started as a platform that can enable any person to showcase his / hers/ their favorite travel routes and experiences as a travelogue in the web format, of which the links can be easily shared across various platforms and social media. In addition to showcasing the travelogue the users can package it as a tour for others to join in the trip. The viewers for any trip can contact the trip owner directly on their listed Whatsapp number and can take the travel plans ahead directly.

FavRoute, also has an android mobile application, that helps the trip owners plan and schedule their trips to the drivers of the trip. The app also features real time tracking of the trip and automated travelogues of the trips, that can be made available for the viewers of the trip, from the trip listing.

FavRoute, was founded by Jiby Mathews, under his firm named Flexi Business Solutions, based out of Bangalore, India. Currently, Favroute is operated by a team that is based out of the cities of Kochi (India), San Francisco (USA), Dubai (UAE) and Bangalore (India).

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